Welcome to Happy People!

Happy People was founded in the year of 2000, sprung out of what had previously been a contemporary night club whose owner had a great passion for design. 

Happy People of today is a multifaceted company that includes a clothing line, an e-commerce business, a DJ crew, and a couple of night clubs. The founder Thomas Niemi is still behind everything.

The philosophy stays the same, whether it is about putting together parties, doing collaborations or designing new styles for the clothing label - Happy People is always working with the ambition to express positive influences and to create something good out of all that gives inspiration.

From the heart of Lappland, the wild north of Sweden, Happy People has been constantly growing and improving without compromise. The printed T-shirts from the year 2000 have now evolved into prosperous collections, ranging from beanies to bags.

Happy People will work hard and with dedication to innovate and inspire our fans.

//Your Northern Soul, Happy People.